Another vigil held for Hasanni Campbell


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Police is not talking about any new leads, but we do know that police said that there were no new searches and no new search warrants filed. A vigil is took place at the rear driveway of the shoe store where Hasanni's foster dad told police the child was last seen.

This is one of those stories that has a lot of people speculating and the couple realizes many people think Louis Ross, the foster father, had something to do with it.

About 20 people showed up at Monday night's vigil for missing 5-year-old Hasanni, which is twice as many as the turnout last week.

"If we got the public out here, wouldn't that save on manpower and wouldn't the truth come out then once he's found?" said Ross.

Police said they are doing everything they can to find the boy, but Hasanni's foster parents say they realize public support is not on their side.

"You have to justify all of your actions. Everything you do you have to justify," said Ross.

Ross is dogged by the fact that he's the only one who can place Hasanni behind the Rockridge shoe store the day the boy disappeared.

Also, a police affidavit obtained by ABC7, shows a text message from Ross to Jennifer Campbell, the foster mother. Regarding Hasanni and his one year old sister, Ross wrote: "This (expletive) is over. I will watch her [his 1 year old daughter] but he [Hasanni] will be out on the BART and it's your responsibility to hey [sic] him, so (expletive) you."

"I understand, again, the police have to do their job, but if you're going to leak information, leak it all," said Ross.

Ross says it was an impassioned text message exchange, but he says it was taken out of context from the full message. Aside from that, the couple says the pressures of being under public and police scrutiny have been intense.

"On the BART, as I'm going up the escalator, on the loudspeaker, 'I hope they throw you in jail,'" said Ross.

When asked if Campbell could tell she was being monitored, she replied, "Yes. You're phone doesn't dial, like it doesn't pick up a signal as well. When you go out, there's certain cars that you keep seeing over and over again," said Campbell.

At the vigil, several volunteers signed up to help search for Hasanni. Also, organizers say a website called will be launched in two days.

The couple says a vigil will be held behind the shoe store every Monday at 6:30 p.m.

The organizer of the vigil is a seasoned volunteer who has helped a lot of causes.

Sherri-Lyn Miller makes custom t-shirts for a living from her small shop in San Leandro. Little Hasanni's face is now featured on her newest t-shirts.

"You have to keep the child's face up there and t-shirts are a big way to do it. People walk past you on the streets. They're going to look at your t-shirt before they look at a flyer," said Miller. "Somebody needs to step up and help and I have a platform where I'm able to do that."

On Saturday, Miller helped organize a fundraiser to increase the reward money. She says the event netted $600.

"We're just a small one person business and if we can do it, then there's large corporations out there that I know can step up and help," said Miller.

Miller has volunteered her time and effort for other high profile cases. She made t-shirts and printed 10,000 flyers when 8-year-old Sandra Cantu of Tracy went missing in March.

Miller raised $4,000 for the search effort from the sale of those t-shirts.

"It was an amazing experience for me just to see how a community can come together to look for a child," said Miller.

Sadly, Sandra's body was found after a 10-day search. Miller hopes this time her efforts will produce a different outcome.

"This poor little boy just needs to come home. He deserves to come home," she said.

Miller also sold close to 800 t-shirts that raised $7,500 for a fund that helps the widows of the four Oakland police officers who were killed March 21st.

Her t-shirt hangs prominently on the wall of her store.

"That's where I get my reward. Just to know that I was able to help somebody," said Miller.

Miller is helping to find little Hasanni and the vigil is underway in the Rockridge District in Oakland.

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