Tips for preparing barbecue ribs

Tips for preparing the best barbecue ribs:

Quinn family barbecue secrets

  • Place a rack of spare ribs on a chopping board and pull up the sinew with a meat thermometer or chop stick. If necessary, use your fingers.

  • Cut excess meat off above or to the side of the ribs. These pieces later can be cut into cubes and served as appetizers.

  • Place both the ribs and excess meat (before cutting into cubes) into a pot with two cut lemons. Add a bottle of apple cider into the pot and let it soak overnight. Note that the meat will turn grey, however do not be concerned. This means it is tender.

  • After soaking the ribs, pad off the moisture with a paper towel. Then pour your favorite store bought barbecue rub onto the ribs and work it into the meat.

  • Cook as desired at 200 degrees, occasionally spraying apple cider on it to continue tenderizing the ribs.
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