How to keep your kids calm in a crisis

5 strategies for parenting through crisis

  1. Don't pretend nothing's wrong. Our brains have something called mirror neurons which can sniff out the emotional state of those around us, even if they are trying to hide it. The cognitive dissonance is quite distressing. Be honest, but be positive about the family's ability to meet the challenge.

  2. Devote focused time to your children. They need you more than they need stuff. Our emotional brain is wired to need connection and touch. If we don't get it, we become anxious and easily triggered.

  3. Do physical outdoor activities. It's cheap and good for the brain. It combines 3 powerful brain strengtheners/calmers: physical activity, sunlight, and social connection.

  4. Give your children something they can do. We're wired to need status and identity. Children do better if they can contribute.

  5. Take care of yourself! Your children's brains are copying yours and developing lifetime emotional habits as a result! You have an enormous opportunity in this crisis to model resilience, resourcefulness, emotional calm and gratitude under stress. Their nervous systems will copy yours and the skills will last a lifetime!
The Gift of Crisis
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