Main Street remains uncertain about economy


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The recession has really changed what's in shopping carts. Alison Shimizu's cart Monday contained mostly necessities for 2-year-old Matthew and 3-month-old Mia.

Mom no longer buys for herself.

"Clothes and all that stuff that I really don't need and I just wear last year's stuff," Shimizu said.

With nearly 15 million Americans out of work, there is simmering resentment that Wall Street got help while Main Street did not.

"We bail out the banks and the mortgage institutions, what have we done for American people that lost their jobs because of that economic crisis that was created by the big institutions," Barbara Shannon said.

But one retiree sees it differently since she lives on her investments.

"My dividends are starting to come in again from my stocks, and I don't know, people just seem to be in a better frame of mind," Barbara Copple said.

One mom with a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old recently took a buyout from work, so there is only one income now. There is one overriding fear.

"I think health care is a big one because I rely heavily on that with my kids at different times of the year when they get sick and being at the doctors and such, so hoping that that won't change is a big one for me," Vonya Armanino said.

It is clear many people are expressing uncertainty about the future of the economy. California's situation is only underscoring that with the unemployment rate expected to continue to climb.

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