Healing your heart through art

Karen's advice for grieving families:

Holding onto any lower vibration emotion (i.e. anger, guilt, resentment) may hinder your ability to communicate and heal. Although all of these emotions are completely normal, it is important to have awareness about them and then trying to make those feelings as short as possible. Turning a negative thought into a positive one is important.

  • Forgiving yourself - Wishing you would or could have done things differently. Of course if we knew certain information ahead of time we all would make different choices in life. Try to understand that we are not meant to know certain things for reasons more profound than us. Know that we can learn and grow from it.

  • Forgiving others - If someone is responsible for your loved ones passing then learning to forgive that person(s) can be a difficult task. Be patient. It takes time and energy, but have faith and trust that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Know that it is possible to have true forgiveness for someone, should hopefully bring some peace to your situation. Understand that your loved one would not want you to have these feelings! They are doing everything in their power to help you through. Your loved one is in the world of all knowing so they have the answers we don't have, therefore they have peace and an understanding as to why?

  • Forgiving God - A lot of times when we have a tragic passing in our life we question God or our faith? But, knowing in our hearts that everything happens for a reason even if it makes absolutely no sense to us at this time. We must accept the fact that we may never understand things fully until we cross over ourselves.

    By helping others is helping yourself, channeling your energy in a positive way is extremely healing, i.e. writing a book about your story, starting a foundation in your loved ones memory, changing or creating the law, educating others to better protect themselves, listening and supporting someone who's experienced exactly what you've been through are all good examples of helping others.

    Is a very important practice to hear our loved ones more clearly and although meditation is ideal there are other forms of quieting your mind that are very helpful. i.e. writing, drawing, painting, playing an instrument, gardening. By using our right brains more, being more creative is extremely helpful.

  • LOVE - Love is what bonds us together, love knows no boundaries

  • VALIDATION - We all need to be validated here and in the afterlife, as well as ask our loved ones to send us validating signs of their presence.

  • PEACE - We all want to know that our loved ones are at peace, especially if their passing was tragic and if they suffered here. It brings us peace here knowing they are ok

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