Ask FactCheck: Week ending Aug. 14

August 14, 2009

Q: Does Ezekiel Emanuel advocate sacrificing medical care for senior citizens and disabled youths for the good of society?

A: No. Critics of health care legislation are distorting the meaning of Emanuel's academic writings on medical ethics. And Emanuel tells us, "I am not advocating this."

Q: Will the House's proposed health care plan outlaw private insurance?

A: No. Those who are claiming that the plan would get rid of private insurance or make it illegal are misinterpreting the bill.

Q: Fox News' Glenn Beck said that the government will get complete access to your computer and all of your files when you log on to for the Cash for Clunkers program. Is there any truth to this?

A: This claim is false. Beck quoted from a security message on the site for dealers, not the site for the general public.

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