Men's top health concerns

Q & A on Men's Healthcare

Q. Why should men go to the doctor?

A. Screen for diseases; Assess risk of future medical problems; Encourage a healthy lifestyle; Update vaccinations; Maintain a relationship with a doctor in case of an illness

Q. How often should men go to the doctor?

A. No absolute guideline exists

Q. How often do you think a woman needs to go to the doctor?

A. Every year

Q. How often should men be tested for HIV?

A. Routine testing ages 13-64; At least annually if high risk

Q. How often should you get a flu vaccine

A. Once a year

Q. How often should you get a tetanus vaccine? A. Every ten years

Q. At what age should colon cancer screening begin in men? A. 50

Q. Starting at what age, and how often, should a testicular self examination be performed?

A. Starting at age 15, once a month

Q. At what age should you start to have your cholesterol level checked?

A. 35

Q. What is the most common type of cancer found in men?

A. Prostate

About Dr. Leah Millheiser:
Dr. Millheiser oversees the Female Sexual Medicine Program, which is available to women of all ages in the discreet surroundings of our Stanford Hospital office. This clinic provides treatment for the following disorders: decreased libido; decreased arousal; anorgasmia; dyspareunia and vaginismus. We take a multidisciplinary approach to female sexual medicine, working in conjunction with a licensed sex therapist, pelvic floor physical therapist, as well as alternative health practitioners.

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