Protect your family from flu with herbal remedies


Aside from the usual wash hands, don't touch face tips- there are some great natural products for both adults and children that boost immunity and help ward off cold/flu and/or should be taken if any symptoms present themselves.

Some products include: Black Elderberry Syrup (fruit extract with powerful antioxidants that has been shown to decrease severity of cold and flu symptoms as well as shorten the duration of cold and flu - great for adults and kids), Source Natural Wellness Formula (contains 36 nutrients, herbs, and super antioxidants!), oscilloccinum (immune booster) and CleanWell hand sanitizer (great, natural product to carry in purse, briefcase, diaper bag).

Also, for both kids and adults it's important to eat very well during cold and flu season as this also helps boost immunity. There are some great supplements/drink mixes for adults and children that taste great and ensure you are getting your three servings of veggies daily. (My son loves his Amazing Grass wheatgrass drink - he thinks he's drinking chocolate milk -as I mix it w/ soy milk- and I know he's getting his veggies!)


If you do get hit, there are a multitude of ways to treat your cold/flu: Acidophilus should be taken regularly as it keeps your digestive health in check - this is also especially great to take if you have to take antibiotics (as those kill the natural flora in your colon); Black Elderberry Syrup; nasal cleansing and Neti pots (clears congestion); Organic Throat Coat Tea for kids and adults (soothes sore throats); medicinal mushrooms (great if you just can't beat that illness and need an extra immune boost)

Key Points Make Preventative Care Simple & Part of Your Daily Routine - for example:

  • Mix flax oil in your butter so you and your kids get the benefits w/ their buttered toast or on their pasta
  • Mix acidophilus powder in your and your children's yogurt

  • Have an Elderberry shot as a family ritual before bed - the kids love the flavor and they begin to learn about wellness

  • You can purchase vitamin D3 in gummy form for kids

Ask for help at the store

  • Choices can be very overwhelming and natural cold/flu care may be new to many folks - so don't be afraid to ask questions

  • Mother's in particular are looking for safe, natural products for their children as most do NOT want to load them up on traditional medicines. ALL products WFM provides are totally safe and natural and provide prevention and treatment for children as young as 6 months thru adulthood

About Shoshana Friedman:

Shoshana Friedman is the Whole Foods Market Whole Body Coordinator, Northern California Region. She leads the buying team that sources the safest, healthiest and highest quality natural products available for babies, children and adults. She has been with Whole Foods Market (WFM) for almost eight years.

Before joining the Whole Body team at WFM, Shoshana had her own holistic health practice (focusing on wellness utilizing herbs, diet and nutrition and supplementation) for a number of years. Shoshana is a certified massage therapist and health educator (National Holistic Institute, Emeryville, CA) and is a certified clinical herbalist (Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Albuquerque, NM).

Shoshana made the leap to WFM because she wanted to impact more people and really felt that her business experience and passion about natural living and holistic health was a unique skill set. She's also mother to Saraya, her beautiful two-year old daughter.

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