Simple home improvement tasks



  • Use adhesive acrylic caulk. It won't stick to water.
  • Cut the container plug a quarter from the top in a 45 degree angle
  • Very slowly move the gun in the direction you want to go and push in that angle so this caulking goes back into that crack. Don't squeeze too hard
  • While you are caulking clean up excess mess with a damp rag
Quick Fix for Holes in Hardwood Floors
  • A mouse can come through a hole the size of a pencil eraser
  • A quick temporary solution is to use a real oak plug. Place glue around it and put it into the ground. Be careful not to put too much glue on it
  • If you wanted a more permanent fix, go to any floor company and ask them to remove the board and replace it. Do not attempt to do it yourself
Patching Holes in the Wall
  • Use all purpose joint compound
  • Use a knife, let it flex and it will push it into the hole
  • Use only a little bit. There is no need to go overboard
  • Wipe off the excess. It dries quickly. Then apply a second coat. You may need additional coats depending on the hole
  • When you put a final coat on it, take a damp sponge and wipe it off the excess. After it dries it will be ready to paint

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