Choosing the right school for your son

Males and females think differently on many levels. Remember, men are from Mars (and so are boys). Often Mom takes the major role in seeking a school for her son, sometimes there is a disconnect between what she would like in a school for herself and what is right for her son.

To help parents, particularly mothers, decide when a school is a good fit for boys, here is a suggested check list.

Do they allow more movement in their classes?

Can a boy get up and move around when he needs to refocus his energy? Movement is one way boys release excess energy and re-center.

Do teachers incorporate movement in learning tasks?

Do they emphasize topics of interest to boys where possible in teaching their curriculum?

Boys who are reluctant readers for example will be more motivated if the topic is something near and dear to their hearts...think dinosaurs or mummies or knights of the Middle Ages

Boys who are reluctant writers will open up better with topics that they can choose...a good 5-sentence paragraph (the standard English Holy Grail) with a proper topic sentence, a minimum of 3 supporting statements and a conclusion or transition sentence is just as valid if it is about martial arts as it would be if it is about something less interesting to boys.

Do they encourage healthy competition?

Boys thrive on competition-either among themselves or internally

Intentional challenges are a great way to spur on a boy to excellence, "I bet nobody knows..."

Do they do as much hands-on work as possible?

While hand-on activities are great for girls as well, boys really thrive with this kind of approach

Do teachers require quiet at all times in their classes?

Boys are active noisy creatures and classes where a higher level of activity and noise is allowed supports boy learning.

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