Tom Cable happy about Raiders win

Quarterback Bruce Gradkowski, a Pittsburgh native, and rookie receiver Louis Murphy have a new winning connection.

These two combined for two touchdown passes, both in the 4th quarter. The first was a 75 yarder, where Murphy earned the last 10 yards and the 6 points.

Then Murphy came up with the catch of his young career, a jump ball in quadruple coverage and this catch set up the game winning touchdown. That's where Gradkowski showed patience in the pocket and throws it just beyond the DB's hands for the nail in the coffin.

On Monday Coach Tom Cable was liking this dynamic duo.

"I think the most exciting thing was the explosiveness of us yesterday in the 4th quarter, that's the most exciting thing, because we can be that throughout the game and hopefully we'll learn from that 4th quarter, that we're capable of being like that from the beginning of the game all the way through the end," said Cable.

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