Wine gadget gift ideas

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Bev Wizard Smoother
Tired of too many polyphenols… BevWizard to the rescue. Polyphenols are tannins that often cause a bitter astringent sensation in your mouth that can cover up pleasant flavors. These tannins are found in the skins of wine grapes. The BevWizard Wine Pourer uses the combination of aeration and a high-intensity magnetic field to smooth and soften these tannins leaving a less bitter and more flavorful wine. Put an end to polyphenols once and for all. BevWizard Wine Pourer to the rescue. $29.95
Paul says: A must-have

Why wait for wine to breathe to achieve its fullest flavor when you can enhance the bouquet, taste and mouthfeel in an instant with the scientifically proven, easy-to-use Vinturi Wine Aerator? Simply hold the aerator over a glass or decanter and pour the wine through. Just the right amount of air is drawn into the wine to instantly open it up. It's that fast and simple. FDA-approved plastic is dishwasher safe. Includes stand and travel pouch. $39.95
Paul says: Worth it!

Wine Whisk
Some connoisseurs believe you need to let wine breathe a bit before serving, but now you can instantly aerate it right in the glass with this cool new Wine Whish. Simply pour a glass, froth the wine briskly with the Wine Whisk and wait for the bubbles to fade before enjoying. If you don't finish the bottle, simply flip the Wine Whisk over and it doubles as a bottle stopper to keep the wine fresh. Yes, your guests will wonder why you're whisking the wine and yes, they will learn about basic old school solutions. It also whips up scrambled eggs beautifully in the morning. $29.95
Paul says: No way

Spiral Pewter Funnel
The Spiral Funnel exposes more of the surface area of your wine for greater aeration as the wine spirals down in a vortex fashion. Constructed of a beautiful combination of pewter and glass, the Spiral Funnel is as fascinating as it is practical. 6 1/4"H x 4"W. $69.95
Paul says: Worth the cool facto, but can be messy

Versovino Decanting System
Versovino - Decants wine by the glass! Take a walk on the wild side with Versovino! You've got to see this to believe it. One of a kind and every wine guy and gal needs one. Sits atop any wine bottle; Versovino acts like a mini-decanter and pours exactly one glass of wine, 100ml. Versovino… there's nothing else like it; seeing is believing. $49.99
Paul says: Worth the humor factor

deSign Wine Aerator
The deSign Wine Aerator is a practical alternative to the traditional method of decanting wine, it allows the taste to be enhanced immediately before the wine is to be enjoyed. It also allows you the flexibility to aerate an entire bottle or simply one glass. It is a well acknowledged fact that wine tastes better after proper aeration. Aeration releases the delicate aromas of wine as well as improving the flavor of the wine. $49.95
Paul says: Fun to show, but tough to clean

About Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr. and the original Wine of the Month Club
As President of the original Wine of the Month Club®, Paul Kalemkiarian, Jr. continues his father's tradition of bringing flavorful, award-winning wines at unbeatable prices to the wine-drinking public. The original Wine of the Month Club® set the standard for wine direct to your door. Our featured wines are sourced from highly regarded branded wine makers whose unique and flavorful selections reflect the beauty and splendor of their regions. After tasting hundreds of wines each month, the original Wine of the Month Club® offers three very distinct memberships: Classic Series, featuring two new and outstanding wines each month-one red and one white-from rare boutique wineries throughout the world; Vintners Series, featuring two selections from top-rated wine makers each month and Limited Series, featuring two bottles of "Special Occasion" fine wines at less than premium prices. Guaranteed satisfaction--"Never pay for a wine you do not like"--is the original Wine of the Month Club®'s commitment to its members. Each package is shipped with a personal message about your featured wine, such as characteristics, the region from which they were produced, how to serve your new selections, temperature setting for storage and service as well as suggested cuisine for enhancing their complex flavors. The original Wine of the Month Club® membership is FREE, and shipments start at $19.95 for two bottles.

The original Wine of the Month Club® is proud to serve its customers one of the largest selections of fine wines and rare boutique wines from around the world. The original Wine of the Month Club® has a 10,000 square foot retail store/warehouse located at 907 S. Magnolia Ave. in Monrovia, which houses a wide selection of award-winning wines.

Gift Ideas for Under $100 from the Wine of the Month Club

  • Life is a Cabernet-This Art Nouveau-inspired painted tin makes a great gift to bring to that special host. Basket includes one bottle of 2006 Zunio Cabernet Sauvignon, Chocolate Wafer Cookies, Los Olivos Orchards Smoked Almonds and assorted hard candies.($35.99)

  • Classy Girl-Arrive in style with this chic hard-shell Leopard Wine Purse. Inside it features a lined interior with an elastic band to hold the wine bottle as well as a stainless steel corkscrew in the lid. One Bottle of Santa Alicia Chardonnay completes this package. ($48.95)

  • Let's Celebrate-Celebrate that special occasion with your loved ones by popping a bottle of Sparkling wine! A bottle of South Extreme Sparkling Extra Brut, Angelina's Sweet Butter Cookies, East Shore Dipping Caramel, East Shore Dipping Pretzels and assorted hard candies arrive in a silver Champagne Bucket. ($49.95)

  • Picnic Time-Take everything along for your next outdoor adventure or romantic picnic with this two-bottle picnic tote. All the accessories for a complete picnic and wine tasting are included. One bottle of 2008 Santa Alicia Chardonnay, one bottle of 2006 Windy Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Three Pepper Blend Crackers, Shiraz Cheese, Beef Summer Sausage and assorted hard candies comes in an insulated double wine tote complete with cheese board, knife and corkscrew. ($59.95).

  • The Savory Gourmet-A bottle of 2007 Novecento Malbec, one bottle of 2008 Dona Florencia Chardonnay, Focaccia Crisp, Mille Lacs Green Olives, White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn, Cucina Olive Oil Chips, Olive Tapenade, Salem Baking Cheese Straw, Nunes Almonds, Torn Ranch Honey Roasted Peanuts and assorted hard candies. Arrives in a classic round basket. ($69.95)

  • Sweet Delectables-No sweet tooth can resist this gift basket, featuring one bottle of 2008 Mezzacorona Moscato, one bottle of 2006 Firestone Merlot, Honey Oat Cookies, Be-Bop Biscotti, Rural Route Popcorn K'nuckle, Sweets Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks, Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Puffs, Dolcetto Vanilla Wafer Rolls, Gloria's Caramel Chocolate Bites, Cashew Roca and assorted hard candies delivered in a medium oval basket with handles. ($74.95)

  • Barrel O' Wine-What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A barrel of wine! And when the fun is all over you can put more wine into this great accent piece or just keep it around the house as a fun decorative item. One bottle of 2007 Pannotia Riesling, 2008 2 Copas Malbec/Tempranillo, 2008 Santa Alicia Chardonnay, 2006 Crow Canyon Merlot, waiter's corkscrew and wine pourers arrive in a collectable Wooden Barrel. ($84.95)

  • Perfect Pairing-Vistalba Olive Oil from Argentina with a rich, olive taste and smooth texture paired with Melina's Balsamic vinegar from Modena, smooth with a balanced tartness. Arrives in a handsome linen gift box. ($29.98)

  • Portable Wine Course-Learn all there is to know about wine from this 3-CD "ShortCuts on Wine" by Edmond Masciana. Really a must-have for both the novice and experienced wine enthusiast. ($24.99)

  • MetroKane Wine Kit-Don't let your gift recipient ever be without the wine accessories needed to impress their guests. Kit includes corkscrew, drip stop ring, foil cutter, wax seal remover, bottle sealer, and pourer with stopper. A great gift for the wine lover on your list. ($29.95)
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