Community remembers 6-year-old girl killed in crash


Sadness filled the air around Laurel Elementary School, in Atherton on Thursday, as children learned a lesson of loss.

They were here because of Lisa Xavier. The 6-year-old died last month after she and her parents were caught in the middle of a street race.

Police say the Xaviers were going toward Sun Microsystems. They had the green light and were in the intersection, when two cars were street racing. They'd just gotten off the bridge and ran a red light.

They crashed into the Xaviers' Camry. Lisa died the next day.

Police continue to look for a suspect, Shannon Fox. They believe he was driving one of the race cars, but he got away. And now, the victim's family and friends pray for change and justice.

They lit candles, told stories, and cried. Lisa's grandmother could barely speak through the tears.

"She was taken away, but there is nothing to cry. It's only to remember and be happy with all the things she has done," said Lisa's grandmother.

"It's a small thing, that smile, but it's a beautiful gift that she gave me that I will always carry with me and I can't think of her smile without smiling myself," said another speaker.

Lisa was described as a small girl with a big personality. Her smile was contagious.

"I always thought of her in my heart or in [my mind]. I'll always care for Lisa because Lisa is 100 percent my best friend," said 6-year-old Gregory Fontela.

One of the trees on campus will be lit once a year in Lisa Xavier's honor.

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