Ideas for affordable holiday home decor

Lisa's Tips:

  • Make "Re-gift Bags" by using old paper bags from department stores. If it's from a decent store, I will sometimes leave the store's name on the bag (keep it simple). However, you can cover the store's name easily by gluing craft paper or scrapbooking paper over the top. Cut the paper into a nice shape and glue it right over. You can stencil a monogram or design on the craft paper if you want to get fancy.

  • Pull out all your silver-not just silverware. Think about all the shiny vases, trophies, boxes, even jewelry that you may have stashed away. When merchandised together, all the sparkle adds a holiday feel.

  • Make ornaments from beer caps. Hot glue them together for a whimsical take on a holiday classic.

  • Make stockings from your kids' old jeans. You can hot glue or sew the seems together.

  • Make a table runner from burlap. Burlap is 99 cents a yard and it only takes 2 yards for 3 runners. You can find burlap at your local craft store.

  • Use old glass vases and turn them into ornament terrariums. Simply fill the vases 1/3 full with sand or beans. Secure an old heirloom ornament into the sand and place on a mantel or tabletop. This is a great idea for those precious ornaments you fear the kids might break.

  • Dehydrated orange slices are Old School Chic. They used to be a popular tree ornament, but I like to use them as napkin rings. Tie a piece of raffia through the orange slice and tie it around rolled silverware.

  • Alternative wrapping paper ideas - use old maps, newspaper, all those catalogues you get this time of year.

  • Colanders make unique candle holders. The light comes out all the holes in an interesting pattern-plus, the colander is funny-a conversation piece.
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