Thieves repeatedly target Concord non-profit group


The thefts did not happen at the center, they happened at a storage warehouse located at a secret location. Despite the undisclosed location, someone must have known about the warehouse because right after the group bought 300 nice warm winter jackets to give away, thieves broke in and broke them all.

Christmas for everyone has been up and running for 14 years. It provides a gift, a meal, clothes, a haircut and entertainment on Christmas Day. Last year, about 3,000 people showed up and asked for help.

The group's founder says thieves keep picking the lock at the warehouse.

"Selling them, giving them away, going to the flea market with them. So, I hope they have a merry Christmas and I hope they know that the people that are in line here might not have something because of them, so I hope they're happy with that," says founder Mary Perez.

Christmas for Everyone has not filed a police report. They say they are just too nervous about possibly attracting more thieves or losing their donated warehouse space. So, there is no investigation underway, but the group plans to tighten security at the warehouse and the committee is determined to get enough donations between now and Christmas so they can make up for everything they've lost.

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