Some 49er fans don't mind losing MNF for move


"Monday Night Football" is a night in the national spotlight for a team and its fans.

"Monday night is really cool because you kind of really feel like your part of the football thing because everybody is watching Monday Night Football," said Lezlee Ware from San Francisco.

However, 49er fans started showing up to tailgate during business hours on a Monday, which could be a problem in Santa Clara. A stadium in Santa Clara would rely on nearby businesses for parking spots which is fine on Sundays, but the businesses will need the spaces on Mondays.

The team has indicated it would be willing to give up Monday night games, if that's what it takes to move to Santa Clara.

"I think it would be a big deal. I think it would be a mistake, but it would be a mistake to leave San Francisco too," said Mark Mitchell from San Francisco.

Geography seems to play a big role in how fans feel about the situation. The closer they live to Santa Clara, the more willing they are to lose "Monday Night Football."

"I live in Sunnyvale. I would give up Monday night games for them to move down there sure," said Jim Rogers from Sunnyvale.

"I think it's un-football to say no Monday games," said Ware.

"I'm fully confident that we will be able to work out any traffic situations in Santa Clara, so that we will be able to have Monday night games," said Lisa Gillmore from Santa Clarans for Economic Progress.

The group Santa Clarans for Economic Progress says the Monday night game could start later and the NFL can help schedule the game when the city has the most parking spots available. They admit there would be fewer tailgating spots.

"It's all worth it to get this huge economic boom to our community," said Gillmore.

The stadium decision still has at least a lawsuit and a ballot measure to go through before it's a reality, but officials in Santa Clara are hoping the team will call the South Bay home starting in 2014 -- with or without Monday night games.

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