Officer injured and police dog shot in Alameda


Two investigations are underway right now after what happened at the Neptune Plaza at about 6 a.m.

One investigation is criminal, the other is administrative. It began with a report of a burglary in progress at the Coast Guard Recruiting Station. Three officers responses including a K-9 unit.

"For reasons unknown to us at the moment, the dog mistakenly attacked and bit one of the cover officers and the K-9 officer commanded the dog to release, the K-9 did not release and the officer that was bitten shot the dog at least three times that we know of, so that was what shot and killed the dog," said Lt. Bill Scott from Alameda Police.

Police say moments later, 56-year-old Douglas Wayne Kirk came out of the recruiting station with a number of items including a computer and was arrested after a brief struggle. The officer who was beaten by the police dog was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police say a necropsy will be conducted on Billy but his loss is being felt throughout the department.

"It's a working dog, but we have a special bond with the dog. The dog was home with him 24/7, he was home with the family. So it's a crushing blow not only to the handler, but to the department as a whole," said Lt. Scott.

Legal experts say the suspect in the burglary will most likely not face additional charges because Billy was killed during the investigation of the burglary.

This is the second canine loss to the Alameda Police Department this year. The earlier one died in May after being left in a car in the sun and it died from the heat.

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