Eagles make Singletary-Jackson cartoon


There is some funny stuff leading up to the 49ers-Eagles game on Sunday.

On the Eagles website, they've got a cartoon, starring DeSean Jackson as "Receiverus Fastus Game-Breakerus" and Mike Singletary, "head Coachus 49erous Non-Pantius."

It's their version of "Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner" with Singletary coming up with all these schemes to catch Jackson and just like Road Runner, none of them work.

Make sure you pay attention to the start of this clip and do NOT click on the words "Skip intro." It goes by quickly before leading you to the Eagles' homepage.

If you do miss it, you can go to this page and click on "Eagles splash page cartoons" on the right hand side menu; then click on "Splash Page Cartoon: Week 15 versus 49ers."

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