Tips on finding a quality down comforter


The comforters you see on sale may look good. But it's really what's inside that counts.

"To get the best down comforter that will always keeps its loft, look for a comforter that is constructed with a baffle box construction," said Kathleen Huddy of Good Housekeeping.

Baffle box construction should be indicated on the label. Good Housekeeping's top rated choice is JC Penney's "Home Collection 5 Star Luxury Down Comforter" it retails for $300.

"This is one of the heavier down comforters tested. But if you like that feeling on you, then this is the perfect one," said Huddy.

You can save money by buying a less expensive synthetic comforter. But synthetic manufacturers haven't been able to duplicate the insulating properties of down.

"It stays scrunched. And it'll get smaller and smaller and smaller as you scrunch. That doesn't really happen with down. It stays lofty. It fluffs up," said Huddy.

Synthetic is a good option if you are allergic to down.

You can extend the life of your comforter by purchasing a comforter cover. Adding a cover will also mean you' won't have to wash it as often.

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