Don's top 10 movies of 2009

December 30, 2009 7:29:08 PM PST
The movie industry is ecstatic, since 2009 has been a record year at the movie theatre box office with more than $10 billion in ticket sales. A lot of success has come at this year's end. ABC7's arts and entertainment reporter Don Sanchez has his picks of the year's 10 best -- in alphabetical order.

Arts and Entertainment reporter Don Sanchez's top movies of 2009

Don also says he wants to add the actresses in "Precious" to the best of 2009 list. The award season begins January 15, 2010 with the Critic's Choice Awards, of which Don is one of the voters. For a year that began slowly, 2009 ends up worth a full bucket!

In the words of Don, "Happy New Year and we'll see you on the aisle!"