Not everyone is giving up on Tiger Woods

January 5, 2010 7:59:54 PM PST
Not all of Tiger Wood's big endorsement dollars have dried-up because of his sex scandal. Video game maker, Electronic Arts, of Redwood City is standing by their $670 million man. That's how much his games have raked-in for the company.

The latest is called "Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online" game. Within the game you pick a golf course and even what shirt to wear. The game will be available online later this month as it is still being tested.

Electronic Arts has released Tiger Woods golf videogames for more than 10 years -- games that have brought in millions of dollars.

EA is defying a trend where major sponsors have dropped woods in their advertising campaigns. Jon Friedman is the media columnist for market watch.

"I think it's bold and I think it's smart at the same time. I think eventually it's going to wear off, the Tiger Woods anti-euphoria will wear off," says Friedman.

He says we're a forgiving country and video games appeal to a hipper, younger audience.

"That audience is less likely to be so worried about someone's personal affairs and is more about Tiger Woods the golfer, which is the key for EA in this case," says Friedman.

In Redwood City, EA's president Peter Moore cited the long time relationship the company has had with Woods saying "Regardless of what's happening in his personal life, Tiger Woods in still of the greatest athletes in history."

EA realizes the customers who come into stores like Game Stop could care less about Woods' personal life. It's about the game.

"I hope it's a good game and if it's a good game, then hopefully people will still buy it," says Mike Desnoyers, a video game customer.

"Probably, I probably would still buy the game, but probably only for that and then I wouldn't play as his character," says Myles Archimedes Lee, a video game player.

It is still a work in progress, but EA actually was beaten to the game tee off with a spoof on "Late Night With David Letterman" where they bring some of the scandal details to the game.

Still, Woods is an athlete with a troubled image.