4.1 magnitude quake strikes near Milpitas

January 7, 2010 6:48:05 PM PST
An earthquake struck the Bay Area at 10:09 a.m. on Thursday. It was centered six miles north-northeast of Milpitas.

Geologists are saying that people all the way from Santa Rosa to Carmel felt this quake, and they also added that we should expect aftershocks for several days.

The 4.1 magnitude quake near Milpitas looked impressive on paper and certainly felt significant to a number of people around the Bay Area.

"I felt the building actually shook, it was a pretty big jolt," Jensen Barna from Palo Alto said.

Seismologists say that jolt was likely generated along the Calaveras Fault. The epicenter was some six miles below the Calaveras Reservoir.

"I was sitting in my car and everything was just shaking. I said 'oh my God, what is happening'," Eric Ezeokoli from San Jose said.

"Only like a few seconds and it was like a train at first and then the building shook," Sonya Palmer from San Jose said.

"I was in my apartment and it shook and that's it, just a quick shake," Sarah Hamilton from Milpitas said.

"I was worried and then I turned around and asked why is the house moving, then bang, like that," Mary Wong from Daly City said.

The quake was not big enough to disrupt Caltrain service, but BART ordered track inspections which resulted in five to 10 minute delays.

Seismologists at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park say there were numerous aftershocks which is typical behavior for the Calaveras fault.

"It's probably not going to result in a subsequent and larger earthquake, that being said, I hate to miss the opportunity to remind everyone this is earthquake country and there are dangerous faults in our backyards," USGS Seismologist David Oppenheimer said.

The American Red Cross issued an urgent alert about earthquake preparedness.