Supervisor Daly promises to use the "F" word

January 7, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
A controversial San Francisco politician is making-good on his profane promise. Supervisor Chris Daly has an off-color New Year's resolution -- one that is offensive to some of his colleagues and constituents.

He seems to be hiding a smile when he says he will use the "F" word at every meeting, but most people do not think it is funny, including the mayor who told ABC7 this hurts the city and the Board of Supervisors should not put up with it.

One San Francisco resident says "I think it's 'F'ing ridiculous and I am so glad he's almost out of here."

His constituents south of Market are not surprised. Many of them are disgusted.

Another man says "He's an idiot,"

Daly has certainly used the "F" word in meetings before. There was the time in 2004 when he confronted the crowd for heckling him, by telling the audience to "F" off.

And then last month when he said "'F' you" to several members of the board of supervisors and then stormed out of the meeting while the new police chief was talking, calling him a curse word under his breath--and using a derivative of the "F" word.

To that, police Chief George Gascon replied "Have a great day by the way."

But just to make it official, Daly declared at his first meeting of the year and also on his Facebook page that we will be hearing more of the word this year.

Daly said "I just updated my Facebook status update vowing that in [2010] I will be using the word F*** in every Board of Supervisor's meeting, so my apologies to those who take umbrage."

Some residents he represents in the Mission are not taking it too seriously.

One man said "I think it's a non-issue and a publicity stunt."

But the board president David Chiu says supervisors have a duty to act civilly and he gave Daly a little gift to make his point.

"I actually dropped off a bar of soap in his office so that he could use it to clean up his language," said Chiu.

Mayor Gavin Newsom says this is an embarrassment to the city. He says "What other city would put up with this for so long? This is just one in a series of acts and actions that doesn't just appear to be petulant -- it is petulant."

A member of the board tried to have Daly censured in 2004, but the motion didn't pass -- only two board members voted for it.

This is the last year of Daly's term and because of term limits he cannot run for reelection. He did not return ABC7's calls for a comment on this story.