Oakland libraries closed because of budget, holiday

January 12, 2010 12:25:09 PM PST
The main Oakland Public Library will be closed on Friday and Monday because of the city's budget shortfall and the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Branch libraries, which are always closed Mondays due to the budget shortage, will also be closed Friday and Monday and will remain closed on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

The main library and all branch libraries will be open on Saturday. The main library will also be open on Sunday and Tuesday, Jan. 19.

As a result of the budget reductions adopted by the Oakland City Council last summer, all branch libraries normally are open from Tuesdays through Saturday. The main library is normally open seven days a week.

There will be similar Tuesday branch library closures after holiday weekends throughout this year.

Future dates when the branch libraries will be closed on Tuesdays are the days after the Mondays on which President's Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day are observed.

Oakland Public Library Director Carmen Martinez said in a statement, "This is really unfortunate for our patrons and school children who are enduring a reduced schedule of hours at our libraries."

Martinez said, "Regrettably, the Library doesn't have many options that can fix this situation without coming up with additional funds and that is not possible under the city's current financial situation."