Danny Glover talks about Haiti quake, documentary

January 14, 2010 7:22:40 PM PST
San Francisco actor and political activist Danny Glover is a man who knows the Haitian people well. Glover will screen a documentary on Friday night, as a benefit, in part, for Haitian earthquake relief.

Glover said it may be months before we know how many people have died from the earthquake in Haiti. He has visited the country many times since 1973, and he has known its political leaders and its history.

He is planning to direct a film on the Haitian revolution. He says the Haitian people will survive and rebuild.

"It's just a people with an extraordinary resilience and no doubt in my mind that the Haitian people will find fortitude some place where they're going to re-imagine themselves," Glover said.

Glover says the disaster has produced a unique partnership, where countries separated by political ideologies are coming together.

"If I may go out on a limb and say Haiti is going to define this administration. What happens in Haiti defines this administration. What we do, not simply what we, the U.S. does, but what the world does," he said.

Glover will be in San Francisco on Friday night with a documentary he's produced called "Soundtrack for a Revolution." It's about the civil rights movement set to contemporary music and it will benefit the NAACP and Haitian earthquake relief.

"The context of the songs, as beautiful as they are, are real," Glover said.

The images are from nearly 50 years ago and from today and they are both are about a struggle for human rights.

Purchase tickets online at fla.vor.us/groovetickets for "Soundtrack for a Revolution" or call 1-877-71 GROOV (47668).

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