2010 trends using numerology

January 18, 2010 5:35:36 PM PST
A unique look at 2010, a year of "practical creativity." What numerology says about the coming months.

2010 trends using numerology by Gail Minogue:

  • I think one of the biggest trends that we are ignoring is that everything has gone into a contraction mode-examples are size of the work force, size of the houses, cars, number of banks, government services, real estate prices, size of the clothes, our bodies, restaurant plates, Starbuck muffins, the glaciers, the amount of drinking water and on and on.

  • The system is getting rid of excess and that means good opportunity in weight loss programs and businesses that have to do with health and diet. The new health care plan in Washington is based on an old paradigm from WWII. It will have to be changed. The excess will be squeezed out of this as well.

  • As government services are cut back (removing excesses of various commissions, union pension programs, duplicate programs etc.) people will start organizing to replace some of these services on a volunteer basis. Sacred systems that no longer function well or hamper efficient running of cities and states will start to crumble. You are very aware of it in CA.

  • The Age of the Guru is over, it is the Age of the Practical. Actually this trend began to fade in 2004 and really picks up speed now. Relevancy and practicality will gain in importance. Inexpensive and effective techniques such as meditation will take the place of "self-help" expensive weekend workshops.

  • Weekend self-awareness retreats will diminish in the face of mortgage payments, health insurance and a safer car. Glaring example was the 3 people who died in the Sedona, AZ sweat lodge on a 7 day $10,000 retreat.

  • The Age of the Athlete on Steroids and performance enhancing drugs is over. There will be stiff penalties for this behavior. The public has less tolerance for movie stars, athletes and entertainers who abuse and consume.

  • This period is very similar to the 1770's when America was being born. It is a revisit of that same condition with a modern day twist. We are getting back to helping our neighbor build his barn.

  • Everyone must think long term as this is a 16 year cycle. It started in 2008 and ends in 2024. The financial cycle began in 1981 and lasted until 2008. We are beginning a new financial system one in which the old way of doing money will be changed. The entire banking system will be turned upside down during this period.

  • Keep some cash in the home as a precaution. See these next years as a correction period and a time when we clear up our old ways of conducting our lives, our government and our finances. Later in 2010 and more so in 2011, people will not tolerate ill treatment by the banks and government officials.

  • 2009 asked us to be patient and aroused us from our stupor. People are weary of cutting back and living with much less.

  • 2010 is a creative 3 year and in this year inexpensive elegant clothing will become popular. There will be less looking like grungy thugs and more polished traditional outfits. Handmade will be back in vogue in a big way as people create and sell all types of affordable products. The key word is "affordable". That also goes with items created by the unemployed.

  • People will be very creative-especially in the technical areas. Those who are not employed and even those who are will create inexpensive tech products for main stream to buy. Geeks and nerds will be very important in many of the new creations. 2009 was very hard on many people as they didn't see it coming and were caught unaware.

  • In 2010 people begin to think for themselves and start to become the force for change. The key words for 2010 are "practical creativity". More people will continue to simplify and downsize their living arrangements.

  • Couples will stay together out of financial need and people will be under house arrest as they cannot sell their homes.

  • In 2011 you should begin to see a more lenient way of evaluating credit. So many people have had to damage their credit due to the economy and job losses, that the criteria will be in place to review credit in a different light. This pressure to change the evaluation will come from the consumers themselves. House prices begin to inch forward.

  • The world is shrinking. We will be working for more international companies here in the United States. The workforce will continue to shrink as there is a permanent downsizing of the workforce in America. Less people can do more work with the help of technology.

  • Robots are replacing workers and retirees cannot or will not retire as planned resulting in fewer openings for younger workers to move up. Employers will continue to hire part time workers and save money on employee benefits. People will rely less on companies to save them and create new income streams for themselves. Bankers might become bakers as an example.

  • The retirement age will keep getting pushed back until retirement becomes less relevant. As retirement becomes weaker, people will plan their longevity differently-meaning they will live longer.

  • There will be enormous breakthroughs this year in the area of health and science. It will sound like science fiction but it will be happening in real time.

  • People will start getting more vocal around summer of this year and much more so in 2011. This will show up in marches, protests, tweeting, texting, town hall meetings, and emails

  • Out of much of the chaos will come a completion of a Renaissance which started about 250 years ago. There is still approximately another 50 years to go to complete the cycle.
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