7 steps to a more polished look

January 19, 2010 3:53:23 PM PST
Seven steps to present yourself with a more polished look, whether you're looking for a job or just trying to get noticed.

Orene Kearn Image and Wardrobe Consulting offers strategic dressing for both women and men no matter what their body type challenges.

Job jitters and escalating unemployment can fray even the most confident and secure job seeker. Orene has helped many women clients achieve their dream job by dressing them appropriately for the career they are seeking.

Here are her 7 Do's and Don'ts:

1. DO dress for the position you want in the office.

  • The culture of the office is key. Do your research.
  • Aim for the right level of professionalism.
  • If the position you are aiming for is more formal than where you presently are, move your image up a notch.
2. DO dress as you want to be perceived (Serious, Professional, Client-ready).
  • To look serious and professional, keep your accessories scaled down on the simpler, classic side.
  • To appear creative yet professional, make your accessories more impactful, such as a statement necklace, or add an unusual scarf.
3. DON'T wear clothes that distract or look overly suggestive.
  • Cover your cleavage.
  • Check your skirt length -- no higher than two inches above your knees.
  • Avoid distracting jewelry that jangles.
  • Avoid sandals for an interview.
4. DO wear the all essential "third piece" to capture that polished, professional look.
  • A jacket, cardigan or coat adds professionalism.
5. DO wear clothes that fit and look neat--casual does not mean sloppy.

  • Scuffed shoes.
  • Wrinkled clothing.
  • Ill-fitting clothing.
6. DO follow the dress code at work.
  • However, add a bit of style or flair, which can be done with accessories.
7. DO or Don't wear hosiery?
  • Hosiery looks more professional, yet the current style is bare legs in warmer weather.
  • Go with the office culture, location, or climate.
About Orene Kearn:

Orene Kearn Image and Wardrobe Consulting, based in Hillsborough, CA, offers strategic dressing for both women and men no matter what their body type challenges.

Utilizing her strong sense of balance and proportion, clothing designs and fashion knowledge, Orene assists clients in the development of their unique personal style, while building a wardrobe to suit their individual needs and enhance their self-confidence. Clients have used Orene to look just right for work, interviews, dating, special occasions, and everyday living.

Image consulting is a second profession. Prior to launching her image business, Orene had a successful career in law for over 15 years, specializing in the areas of estate planning and probate, wills, trusts and general tax law at some of California's leading law firms.

As the only professional certified image consultant with a law background in the Bay Area, she says that there is a definite correlation between these two careers: "Practicing law in the highly sensitive areas of estate planning and trusts and working one-on-one with individuals needing help with image and wardrobe require one to have developed distinct psychological interpersonal skills and experience." She stresses that issues concerning self-image and body type are often at the heart of all personal image work.

A J.D. graduate of Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco in 1981, she earned her professional certification in image consulting and is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Currently, she serves as the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter's Vice President of Marketing.

In an image assessment, Orene meets one-on-one with clients and assesses their body type, coloring and bone structure and his or her personality, lifestyle, outlook and goals.

In a closet audit, Orene checks for pieces that don't fit, need alterations or just don't work anymore, and sorts items into various categories. Then, Orene makes a shopping game plan.

Orene offers a Personal Shopping session to help create new outfits fill in missing pieces and establish a stylish core wardrobe. For a complete list of Orene's services, see www.orene.net