CARE focuses on Haiti pregnant women

January 22, 2010 8:19:56 PM PST
The international relief agency, CARE, is making pregnant women in Haiti a priority right now. Delivering clean water remains the top priority for CARE.

Their headquarters near Port-au-Prince is only 100 yards or so away from a makeshift camp in the town square. It is now home to about 6,000 Haitian quake victims and many of them are pregnant.

"At least two or three women have given birth in the last day or so, right there in the open, and of course it's absolutely crucial to get them supplies to keep them safe and healthy for them and their babies. We're also deliver delivering hygiene kits which include soap, toothpaste, towels, sanitary napkins and a few other items so people stay healthy. And those are usually packed in a 5 gallon bucket, which they can use to fetch and purify water," says Rick Perera, from CARE.

Find out how you can help click on this link to CARE.