5 students hospitalized from drug-laced brownies

January 25, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
High school students looking for a high from pot-laced brownies got something much different and potentially much more dangerous. School officials think the brownies may have been laced with heroin.

It is no secret that people have been baking brownies with marijuana as an ingredient, but these brownies appear to be laced with a much more powerful drug.

In three days, five students at James Logan High in Union City fell sick in class and were hospitalized after eating brownies in school.

An anonymous student told ABC7 a student who ate the brownies "just started twitching, like moving constantly. His eyes were just like blinking and his eyeballs were rolling in the back of his head."

School officials and police say test results on the brownies have not come back, but students say the brownies were sold in school and faculty members tell them they were laced with heroin.

Some of the students ABC7 spoke with say their friends bought the brownies believing they were only laced with pot.

Another anonymous student described the brownie as being three inches or so in length. He said, "The normal size is about like that, a regular size brownie, costing you from $7 to $10."

"I'm upset that someone is out there endangering our children. Bad enough with marijuana, but obviously with heroin it's one step up if that indeed were the case," said New Haven Unified School District spokesperson Rick La Plante.

Now some students say the sight of their friends being hauled off on stretchers, unconscious, has them questioning the safety of those recreational brownies.

A student described how one student he knew "got sent to the hospital. The ambulance came to pick him up and he's been in the hospital for like a week."

Again, there is no official confirmation that these brownies were laced with heroin. Meanwhile, school officials say a Cesar Chavez Middle School student also fell under the influence of tainted brownies and there was an alternative school student was caught with drug-laced brownies last week, but so far they have been unable to connect any of these incidents.