Investigation after 'pot brownies' sicken students

January 26, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Police and school officials in the East Bay have a frightening mystery to solve and they want answers fast.

Five Logan High students may have eaten a bad batch of brownies laced with heroin, but that may also just be a bad rumor. So far, authorities know that one girl and four boys thought they were eating marijuana brownies when they became violently ill on campus last week.

Something was definitely in the brownies and both police and students believe that it could have been a drug of some sort. Investigators were at the school Tuesday, questioning all the students involved in the incident. They want to know what was in the brownies and how the students got hold of them.

One student described seeing a classmate get sick during third period.

"He asked the teacher to go outside and then he immediately collapsed on the floor. His eyes were bulging out," she said. "He couldn't speak. So, when he went to the hospital he regained it, and then he's back this week."

Two students went to the hospital, but police say there was nothing doctors found to indicate that they took any drugs. They are hoping parents will agree to release the hospital's toxicology test results when they become available.

As for whether the brownies contained heroin, ABC7 News sources say that speculation came from an e-mail in which teachers guessed what may have caused the students to become sick during class.

The incident prompted the district to alert parents.

"Somebody out there is trying to harm children and that's infuriating," said Rick La Plante with the New Haven School District. "It's bad enough if it's marijuana brownies. But, if they're lacing it with something else trying to injure children, that takes it to a whole different level."

Parents are also worried.

"It's kind of like Halloween," said one parent. "You've got to keep telling them, 'Don't take stuff from strangers, even if they're your friends. You never know.'"

District officials initially believed that even more students at a nearby middle school and a continuation high school may also have eaten the same tainted brownies, but they now say they are not linked. They believe the mother of the middle school student actually gave her child the marijuana brownie that caused the student to become ill.

As for the Logan students, La Plante said some of them will probably be suspended. The students range in age from freshman to seniors and the few that were in the hospital have since been released and were back on campus Tuesday.

Police and school administrators say the kids have a lot of questions to answer.