7 fun and sylish ways to keep your resolutions

February 1, 2010 11:35:38 AM PST
Seven fun and stylish ways to keep your resolutions! From portion control bowls to the new fitness craze Koga, simple ideas to get you inspired from DailyCandy:
  1. Eating Better: Fit & Fresh has a Smart Portion Prep Center which has a food scale, cutting board and measuring cup, $24.99. Plus lunch on the go is more convenient with a 7-piece container set, www.organize.com -- $9.99

  2. Get more sleep: A flirty mask makes even a cat-nap a restorative event, www.thelittleflirt.com -- $22

  3. Stop overeating: Six sleekly designed portion-control bowls make meals seem more glamorous, and they're practical to boot, marketplace.hgtv.com -- $49.95

  4. Take all your medicines and vitamins on time: Glowcaps flash, play a ringtone, and even call your home phone to remind you, www.rxvitality.com -- $99

  5. Drink more water: A beautifully colored or patterned new "hydration vessel" will help, especially since they donate some proceeds to water causes, www.korwater.com -- $29.95 to $35.

  6. Find a new way to workout that you can stick to: Koga is what happens when kickboxing and yoga have a love child, kogaworkout.com -- $49.99

  7. Stop making excuses for not getting in shape: This wacky bracelet uses holograms and frequencies to improve your balance, so you can't use the old "oh, I could never do that" excuse for any type of fitness challenge, www.powerbalance.net -- $29.95-$59.95
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