Speier hosts local job skills boot camp

January 28, 2010 8:23:32 PM PST
President Barack Obama hit the road on Thursday selling the job creation policy he pitched during his State of the Union speech. It is a goal that appeals to both parties, but getting there will be challenging. However, there is a California company that is already on track.

According to the president 1,000 new jobs are coming to Fremont. In his speech he talked about the impact of his stimulus spending.

"You can see the results of last year's investments in clean energy," said Obama. He said those results can be seen in a North Carolina battery company. "Or in the California business that will put 1,000 people to work making solar panels."

That California business the president was talking about is Solyndra. They are currently building a factory to house those 1,000 new jobs.

Across the bay, hundreds of unemployed lined up in hopes of finding a job. The longest line at the jobs boot camp, was for help in resume presentation. Irma Ochoa says she has sent 200 in the past six months.

"I've had a total of three interviews with three different companies? Yeah, it's tough," said Ochoa.

The 45-year-old executive assistant lost her job when the company she worked for went under. Unemployment will not pay the mortgage on her condo; she has given up trying to make the payments.

"It's just not affordable so I'm going to be losing my down payment which was $150,000 that I had put down," said Ochoa.

One bright spot for Ochoa, as she was getting her resume in order, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, took an interest.

"Let us know how it goes," said Speier.

"I think you'll be in the market in no time, honestly," said an interviewer.

Congresswoman Speier hosted the job boot camp and told ABC7 she is not discouraged by all the people out looking for jobs.

"Oracle has announced that it's going to hire 2,000 more people. That's a good sign. California just got $2.3 billion in moneys for high speed rail, those are jobs," said Speier.

Still Democrats in Congress are in trouble over the economy and the high unemployment rate and they need the president's program to show results.

Daniel Arnall is a producer with the ABC News business unit.

"The experts we talk to on a regular basis suggest they'll actually add up to a million additional jobs across the country by the next State of the Union," says Arnall.

The trouble with the one million number is the economy has shed about six million jobs in the last year and half. And 10 months from now, if voters feel about the economy the way those folks at the boot camp felt today, there will be members of Congress working on their resumes.