Solutions to common home decor dilemmas

January 29, 2010 3:43:32 PM PST
Do you have 'Dance Floor Syndrome?' Lisa Quinn offers solutions to this and other common home decor dilemmas.Dilemma: Cluttered Focal Point
Example: Television with lots of DVDs, electronics sitting on top of it
  • If you have a bigger budget = Put doors over the TV
  • If you have a smaller budget = Get shelves to organize your things
Dilemma: Too Much Color
Example: big bright blue sofa and other bright competing colors (yellow walls, red dining room chair covers)
  • If you have a bigger budget = buy new furniture
  • If you have a smaller budget = Keep sofa and paint walls neutral color (bright accent walls are not common anymore)
  • You can pull different shades of a color off a big piece of furniture and place it sparingly throughout the room with accessories or other accents pieces
  • Even if it is a color you may not love, it will make the piece seem intentional and not so much of an eyesore
Dilemma: Awkward Furniture Layout
Example: Drab, gray fireplace
  • Pay attention to architectural detail, by painting it white, it makes it look fresh and new
  • If you have a smaller budget = redesign old furniture. An old desk can become your living room's new coffee table
Dilemma: Lack of Artwork
  • Art on white walls balances out dark furniture
  • Look around your house, things you may never have considered could actually pass as artwork. For example, plates from your kitchen can be hung on walls
Dilemma: "Dance Floor Syndrome"
  • What many parents face when making room for children's toys by pushing all furniture to sides of a room. It makes the room feel awkward
  • Either rearrange furniture or buy new furniture to fit the space
  • Place the television near or next to the fireplace so when you or your guests are seated, you can see both easily