Red light cameras installed at two intersections


The cameras were activated at the intersections of Whipple Road and Industrial Parkway, and Mission Boulevard and Industrial Parkway just after midnight, according to the Hayward Police Department.

A warning period of at least 30 days is in effect in which warning notices will be sent out that explain how after the warning period, actual citations will be sent to violators, police said.

A $430 fine will accompany the citation, according to police.

The program uses an automated camera system that takes four pictures and a 12 second video to record a violation, driver and license plate of an offending vehicle, police said.

The camera system becomes activated only after a light has turned red, and vehicles that cross the limit line or enter into the pedestrian crosswalk after the light has turned red are detected automatically and captured on the camera, according to police.

The city of Hayward adopted the resolution to implement the automated red light cameras in November 2007 as part of a traffic safety plan designed to reduce collisions, improve safety for motorists and improve enforcement efforts.

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