Janelle hits the town with The Bachelor

February 2, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The Bachelor arrives in San Francisco looking for love. Find out what really happens behind the scenes when Janelle crashes one of Jake's dates!

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31-year-old Jake Pavelka is out to prove to the world that nice guys don't finish last. No, they finish in love. Fasten your seatbelts and leave your relationship baggage at the door as this handsome commercial pilot from Dallas prepares to take flight as The Bachelor.

Jake Pavelka grew up in Denton, Texas and attended University of North Texas and Embry Engineering University for Aerospace Science. He discovered his passion for flying at a young age, as he started taking lessons at age 12. As an accomplished pilot, he became an airline captain flight instructor at 23. In his free time, he has fun flying acrobatic planes, taking dance lessons and woodworking at the home he owns near Dallas.

Now, if you're thinking this guy looks familiar, you'd be right. Ever since Jake shared a magical date with The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, millions of women have had their own high-flying fantasies about him. A fan favorite for his rep as an honest guy with an open heart, viewers were stunned when Jillian rejected Jake just before the hometown dates.

But when Jake returned in the next episode to protect Jillian from some less-than-genuine suitors, this gorgeous flyboy sent our hearts soaring once again. We weren't alone because requests for him to be the next Bachelor came pouring in. Jake's fairytale experience with Jillian gave him motivation to continue his search for love on The Bachelor. Only this time, it's his turn to call the shots.

Jake longs to find that special someone who is intelligent, confident, energetic and spontaneous. He wants a best friend and soul mate. He also admits that he can't wait for fatherhood. Hey, the family thing seems to be in his genes. Jake's parents have had a long and happy marriage and he also has two happily married siblings, older brother Jason and younger brother Matt.

Will Jake jet off into the sunset one of the bachelorettes waiting in the wings? One thing we know for sure is that there will be 25 arrivals and at least 24 departures once the 14th edition of The Bachelor takes to the air on Monday, January 4, 2010 on ABC!

You are hereby invited to a bachelor party!

No, it's not that kind of bachelor party; although we're pretty sure a hot tub will be involved. Of course you all know we're talking about The Bachelor, our favorite way of following one special gentleman during his incredible journey to be a bachelor no more. With 25 available women and one sexy single guy all looking for that special someone, the road to true love can be very surprising, and often quite steamy. Here's how it works:

One lucky gentleman is introduced to 25 lovely ladies. Our beloved bachelor gets to spend a little time with each and every woman he meets. Sometimes as a group, sometimes one-on-one. There are even times when the bachelor must take out two women at once. It's a whole new spin on "double dating." Hoping for a goodnight kiss, girls? Well, take a number and wait your turn.

Speaking of turns, there are always more than a few "twists and turns" on the show. Remember the time the women were allowed to vote off one of their opponents? As it turned out, the one who got the most votes to leave was rewarded with an automatic opportunity to stick around. Loved it!

But the real fun comes when the competition heats up and everyone's true feelings start to emerge. The more time the bachelor spends with the women, the more he discovers their true colors. Of course, there's always a chance he won't see what we see, if he's blinded by love...or lust. We hate when that happens!

The bachelor will have many decisions to make as these women will do whatever it takes to make an impression and gain his affection. A secret (or not-so-secret) rendezvous with one or more of the women can include anything from couples massage and bubble baths to helicopter rides and bungee jumping.

As the season progresses, we take some road trips as our bachelor visits the families, aka meets the parents, of a few extra-special ladies. He'll also take an overnight trip a few different times with a few different companions. And which two women will our bachelor bring home to meet his own family?

This is an elimination competition. At the end of each episode, there is a rose ceremony. The bachelor reflects on who he can still see as a possible soul mate. Anyone who receives a rose can stay to date another day. Those who come up empty-handed must head home alone. The moment that last rose is handed out is one joy, relief and anguish, as only the bachelor can decide who gets at least once more chance at romance. But does he make the right choice? That's something we debate each and every time!

There has been an eclectic mix of bachelors over the years. We've seen a doctor, football star, prince, millionaire, single dad and more than a few familiar faces who couldn't make a match with The Bachelorette. But as different as the bachelors have been, there's one thing they all have in common. They are all looking for love.

Who will steam up the hot tub with the bachelor this season? From which exotic location will he profess his true love? Will there be a proposal once the final rose is gone? And if so, will that proposal be accepted? We have no idea. But we can't wait to find out!