Hula hoop your way to a better body

February 2, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
HoopGirl has three easy hoop moves you can do to get a toned body. Plus, five tips on turning your passion into a profitable career.

What makes this DVD extra special is that it is shot in scenic locations all around San Francisco.

Easy moves you can do with a hula hoop!

  • Play (reversing the hoop's direction while it spins on the waist)
  • Woopie (jumping directly over the hoop while swinging it from in front to behind the body
  • Garter (bouncing the hoop off the thigh while swinging it in front of the body in Swish to reverse the direction)

Advice on how to make your dream into a source of income:

1. Own Your Calling! Accept that you have something valuable to contribute to the lives of others!

2. Package It: Identify exactly what product or service you want to offer. Write down a 1-2 sentence description exactly stating it and how it will enhance the lives of others.

3. Professionalize Your Passion: Create a brand name which reflects the essence of what you are offering and create a website, fliers and cards. Make sure there is a way to purchase what you want to share on the website. You can get free business cards on!

4. Spread the Love: Talk to everyone you know about your new passion and exactly what you want to share with them in person and on social networking sites like Facebook+LinkedIn+MeetUp. You can also join groups like Toastmasters and Chamber of Commerce. Direct everyone to your website. Ask your network for help with skillsets you don't have~ trade your product or service for everything possible.

5. Keep Your Job While Educating Yourself: Stay realistic and keep your primary source of income while you build your new business. Educate yourself with Bay Area organizations designed to people launch their dreams, such as the small business mentoring and classes at SCORE or the Women's Initiative Organization.

The most important thing HoopGirl can share is this: What matters most is exuding confidence that you are on a mission to share something wonderful with others. Everyone wants more joy, health, excitement, and love. Focus on the essence of what you want to share and how it will enrich the lives of others and you will magnetize success! For more information, visit

About Christabel Zamor, M.A., Host of "HoopGirl: Hoopdance Evolution":
With the help of HoopGirl hoops, Christabel Zamor transformed herself from a heavy-set, shy academic into a fitness trainer and empowerment coach. Since 2001, she has been teaching sell-out classes and performing internationally for clients such as Cirque du Soleil, Warner Brothers, and Universal Pictures. Christabel hoops in television commercials and movies and does brand representation for trendsetting companies, such as HeartFM in the UK. She has instructed thousands of all ages and abilities and has a teacher training program which is licensing HoopGirl® Workout teachers across the US, Canada, England, and Australia. She trained the master fitness teachers at Virgin Active, the largest fitness center chain in the UK. Christabel also trains a troupe of master hoopers, the HoopGirl AllStars, who perform at special events around the globe. Her HoopDance for Beginners DVD, Hulaerobics DVD and HoopGirl hoops are creating a worldwide hooping sensation. Christabel holds two graduate degrees and is certified by the AFAA Aerobics & Fitness Association of America as a Primary Group Exercise Instructor. She is an active member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and IDEA Health and Fitness Association. Christabel is also an experienced somatic educator and mind-body specialist, licensed as a White Belt Nia instructor, Zumba Fitness Instructor and a Laughter Yoga Teacher. Christabel loves sharing her enthusiasm for hoop fitness on television shows, at fitness conferences and at wellness and health events of all kinds.