Lincecum talks about salary dispute

The Giants' golden pitcher Tim Lincecum talks to ABC7 about his 2010 salary dispute and the upcoming season. (ABC7)

February 5, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The Giants hold their annual fan-fest on Saturday at AT&T Park. Pitchers and catchers report to Arizona for spring training in two weeks. Now, sometime before the end of the month, Tim Lincecum and the Giants will probably end up in a salary arbitration hearing. Timmy talked about that and other topics on Friday.

"It would be nice to stay a Giant my whole career. That would be awesome because I love it here so much and you know the organization has been good to me in the past years and playing with the guys I've grown up with, I mean, that just makes it a lot more fun. I mean, it's just like that continuous bunch of guys that you come back to that just makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun to come back to," said Lincecum.

When asked if he had a strong feeling about the $8 million the Giants offered him, when he is easily worth $10 million or $13 million, he replied, "I mean the only way you can look to compare it to is what other guys in the league are getting paid, but I don't know where those comparisons stop."

The Giants offered their star pitcher $8 million for the upcoming season. Lincecum countered at $13 million. Unless they agree on something in the middle or a long-term extension, an arbitrator will pick one of those two salary numbers.

The Giants own Lincecum's rights for the next four years, so he is not going anywhere. The two-time Cy Young Award winner understands the team's reluctance to do some kind of huge six year, $100 million type of deal.

"It's a liability and I'm a risk. I mean every player is, so you got to look at it and be smart about it," says Lincecum.

Being smart -- that is Lincecum's goal as well after being arrested on a marijuana charge in the off-season.

"It's was kind of like a wake-up call for me. That's it, it's time to grow up and stop fooling around, so I tried to right the wrong and you know, just stay on that right path from here on out," says Lincecum.