The secret to bouncy, shiny hair

February 17, 2010 1:46:54 PM PST
The secret to getting bounce, lift and shine in your hair. From hot rollers to hair dryers, learn how to use the tools you already have to create a sexy, fresh look!


  1. If you highlight or color your hair you visit your stylist
    Nothing is more unsexy than grey roots or big dark roots. Right now if you don't have the budget you can ask your stylist to do a partial highlight. Your stylist would rather figure a way to work with you, rather than not see you at all. Fresh color is sexy.

  2. If you have longer hair wear it back in a ponytail or head band.
    You can make a pony tail look sexy. Keep the pony tail high to the crown of the head and create a little lift in the front of it. Be sure to take a small sliver of hair and wrap it around the rubber band to hide it.

  3. Make sure you use your hot rollers correctly
    The hot roller can be the secret weapon to sexy hair. To make it last longer use a quick shot of hair spray on each section and then roll the hair. The bigger the sections the looser the curl. When removing do not brush out, instead with a light styling cream rub into your hands and then comb out slight using your fingers. Or just shake out the curl and run the styling cream through your hair.

  4. Your blow dryer can leave your hair healthy & shiny
    Towel dry really well it saves drying time. Blow out most water from the base of the hair to the ends. Then right before it's dry, use your brush you'll get a better blow dry in less time. And finish it off with a light style cream.

  5. When it comes to hair products -- Less is more
    Keep it simple. Here are the must-haves: a good blow out lotion, a light weight style cream and a soft hold spray.

  6. Short hair is sexy
    Accessories can really add pizzazz. A nice crystal hair pin or a cool head band. Just remember to keep it loose and simple.
About Berlin:

Berlin is a stylist to all for those who want to be seen or just want to look good for themselves. His focus is finding your strengths and bringing them into focus with his style.

Starting in San Francisco's union square over 20 years ago with his background in fashion, photo shoots, and TV, he brings this experience into the salon to make you the star.

With his bold honesty and his passion for his work he has built a wide cliental from high profile stars to politicians to professions of all kinds. He is an expert colorist and a cutting edge designer.

Whether he is cutting your hair, coloring, or getting a bride ready for her big day, he brings confidence, style and passion to every head he touches. He is a true master of his art. Berlin is currently a stylist & wedding coordinator at Maiden Lane Salon in San Francisco's Union Square.