Turning your dreams into reality

February 22, 2010 4:16:39 PM PST
Three concrete ways to turn dreams into reality and potentially add 10 years to your life.


It's as simple as A-B-C, but in this case it's C - B - A

    C: Clarity. Get clear about what you want by writing it down and talking about it. Get it out of your head where it lives with your shopping list and all the reasons why you don't believe you can have it.

    B: Belief. Believe in yourself and your dreams. This is a choice. Our attitudes and beliefs are never neutral. They either move us forward or hold us back, but a lot of us forget that we can choose what we believe. Can you believe in your dream simply because it matters to you?

    A: Action. Prove that you believe in your dream by taking action. It's not enough to think about it or talk about it, you need to do something. This will build greater confidence and prove to the world?and to yourself, that you are serious about it. It becomes less esoteric and more practical.

You can add 10 good years to your life by igniting your passion and having dreams.

When we have something that matters to us (such as an exciting trip or vacation, a child's wedding, meaningful projects) we have more energy and enthusiasm. It has been medically proven that people with passion and dreams live 7-10 years longer than those without dreams. There's a medical term to describe this taught by Dr. Oz called Apoptosis.

When your brain believes you have outgrown your usefulness which often happens when people retire, get laid off, experience an empty nest or stop dreaming, the brain and body often begin to self destruct. Brain cells die and we age faster. It's both emotional and physical.

Passion and the power of "No"
Passion can be your barometer for saying, "No, thanks." As you say, "No more," you can ask, "Now what would make me happy?" The secret to living a more joyful, fulfilling life is to do more of what you love every day.

Passion without a plan can be wasted energy
But passion around a dream can be the compelling force to actually make something important happen. So, it's worth exploring, what are you actually passionate about and how can you do more of that. Over this coming week, notice what makes you happy or gives you more energy vs. what drains you.

If you give yourself the gift of passion, you will find that you have more energy to share with those around you, especially your spouse and children. Also, you will model for them how to pursue passion and not devote time towards things that may drain them.

About Marcia Wieder:

"Years ago, Marcia hit a point where she was unwilling to continue to schedule my life into thirty minute meals and meetings. She decided to close my marketing company in the National Press Building in Washington, DC, vowed to find more meaningful work, and set out on a Passion Quest.

Driving home, Marcia heard a radio commercial for the Make a Wish Foundation and something inside of me went "zing". Because she was on a Quest, she followed that feeling to a volunteer meeting. Five people brainstormed how they were going to raise money to send a young boy to Disneyland and get another a puppy. After the meeting, Marcia began to sob. She was so inspired that she knew at some level this was her calling. On that day, she ignited my passion and dedicated her life to helping people achieve their dreams."

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