Don's picks for the Oscars

'Avatar': This 3D sci-fi Blockbuster/action packed love story just broke the world record as the highest grossing film of all time, with more than $2 Billion. (A scene from the 2009 film, 'Avatar.')

March 5, 2010 5:54:47 PM PST
Arts and Entertainment reporter Don Sanchez has his picks for the winners of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

Don Sanchez's picks for 2010 Oscars:

  • Best picture: Avatar
  • Best actor: Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)
    *George Clooney was an early favorite
  • Best actress: Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)
    *Meryl Streep is a strong contender
  • Best supporting actor: Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)
  • Best supporting actress: Mo'Nique (Precious)
The 82nd annual Academy Awards will air Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on ABC7.