Woman's husband returns from quake-ravaged Chile


Broderick's husband was visiting his family in Chile when the deadly 8.8 earthquake struck. It would be nearly 24 hours before she got a notice on Facebook that he was OK.

And then she saw him walking down the jet way. They hugged, kissed, tears in both of their eyes. Edmundo was home.

The story he tells is heartbreaking. Homes, businesses, lives lost. He was in the small village of Los Angeles. It is old. And most of it is now in ruins. He says the biggest need there is water.

"They didn't have water for days and people get really desperate when there's no water," he said.

Edmundo says the government believes the country can be rebuilt in five years, but Edmundo thinks it will take much longer.

He was headed home to Oakland Wednesday, before getting immersed in quake relief efforts. They are hosting a benefit dinner at their home on Friday night. He brought home two large jugs of Chilean wine, one red, one white. They will serve it at the dinner.

There is more information on quake relief events at www.soschile.org.

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