Three themes for easy potluck dinners

Tips for Potluck dinners:
Most perfectionist types don't like to leave their menu to chance, but there are certain tricks, tips, and menus that can make it work.

  • To keep the dinner table from looking jumbled and junky, transfer your guest's food onto your own dishware for a "pulled-together" buffet.

  • Choose a Progressive Dinner, where guests prepare dinner in their own home (e.g. appetizers at the Jones', salad at the Smith's, supper at the Dixon's, and dessert at the Baxter's)

  • Choose a theme. If you give people a theme in the Evite, they'll have a better idea as to what to bring.

  • Potluck Piece together -- instead of asking your guests to bring individual dishes, have them bring ingredients for one dish.
Three themes for potluck dinners:
  1. Roman Holiday Pizza Party Menu: Buy Papa Murphy pizzas (plain cheese) or buy pizza dough, mozzarella and tomato sauce. Ask your guests to bring wine and/or toppings.

  2. Picnic: Pack sandwiches. Everyone brings newspaper for individual tablecloths. Additionally, tell your guests to bring chips, condiments, sodas and desserts.

  3. Taco Bar: Host provides meat and margaritas). Ask your guests to bring tomatoes, lettuce, onions, tortillas, etc.
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