Doctor continues to help Haiti quake victims

March 25, 2010 7:09:02 PM PDT
An East Bay surgeon just back from Haiti is moving forward with a campaign to keep helping survivors of January's devastating earthquake.

Dr. Andreas Kamlot two weeks ago returned from volunteering in a primitive hospital outside Port-Au-Prince.

Today, he briefed his colleagues at John Muir Medical Center in Concord. He told them he performed 25 operations a day in Haiti.

Dr. Kamlot is now raising money to build a facility that would make prosthetics for the 40,000 people who lost limbs during the quake.

"Somebody asked me when it's going to stop, and the answer is, 'Never.' It will never stop. We just have to keep going until every person is back on the street, can walk and can help, and until we have finally some quality of life in Haiti which is acceptable."

Kamlot plans to return to Haiti next month.