Prepare a sustainable, green Easter basket


Kimberly Pinkson is putting together a sustainable and healthy Easter basket.

"How are you decorating? What kinds of foods are you getting where do they come from, what are they made with? What is in that chocolate that you are giving your family? How are you making your baskets," she said.

It has all the items traditional to the season, but she does it with a green flourish. The basket is made of natural fiber that will be used many years and then biodegrade.

"Then you want to think about what goes in the basket? So we started with these natural fibers and paper, both will naturally biodegrade, so that's good for your family and good for the environment. And what kind of toys are you giving your family? For example what type of toys are you giving your family. For example, this 'Under the Nile' little monkey that we love is made with organic cotton and all-natural dyes," Kimberly said.

She includes natural chocolate which is of course central to many Easter baskets.

TCHO Chocolate Factory is on San Francisco's Embarcadero. The products used to make chocolate have to be shipped, but once made it doesn't travel far between here and your house.

"We have organic chocolate and fair trade chocolate. But what makes TCHO unique is the way we work with farmers, by investing with them and helping improve the flavors and the quality of the cocoa, so it's worth more," John Kehoe from TCHO said said.

Kimberly uses a different organic chocolate in her basket and it has an almost old fashion charm to it.

"Taking some of the lessons of our parents and grandparents and the way that they used to live that was healthier for everybody, and being able to put a new twist on it," she said.

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