No-chop meal: Spinach spoonbread

Spinach Spoonbread
Makes 8 Servings


  • 1 tsp. Coarse Salt, plus more to taste
  • 1/2 lb. Fresh Spinach Leaves, washed and drained
  • 1 Cup Cornmeal
  • 3 Cups Buttermilk
  • 3 Large Eggs, separated
  • 1 1/2 tsp. Baking Soda
  • 1/4 tsp. Freshly Ground White Pepper, plus more to taste
  • 3 tbsp. Unsalted Butter, melted
  • 1/8 tsp. Nutmeg
  • 1 Head Garlic, roasted
  • Vegetable Spray
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bring a small pot of water to a boil and add 1/2 teaspoon salt and the spinach. When spimnach wilts, drain in a colander and run cold water over spinach until it is completely cool.

  2. Whisk together cornmeal, buttermilk, egg yolks, the reamining 1/2 teaspoon salt, baking soda, white pepper, butter, nutmeg, and roasted garlic.

  3. In a clean, dry bowl, using an electirc hand mixer, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Fold egg whites into cornmeal mixture.

  4. Spray a 2-quart baking dishwith vegetable spary and add spoonbrad batter. Bake spoonbread 30 minutes, or until lightly browned on top and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
For Roasted Garlic:
  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.

  2. Cut the top off the head of garlic, and place both pieces on foil.

  3. Mix 1 teaspoon water and 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, and drizzle over garlic.

  4. Sprinkle with coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper.

  5. Close foil and roast 1 hour or until garlic cloves ooze from their papery skins. Squeeze out the roasted garlic and use as needed.

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