SF officials want All-Star Game moved from Arizona


City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor David Campos sent a letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig today asking him to move the game from the state unless the "draconian new anti-immigration law" is repealed.

The law was signed last Friday by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

Of particular concern to Herrera and Campos are provisions in the law that require local police to detain and question individuals they have "reasonable suspicion" are in the country illegally, and that make it a state crime for legal immigrants to not always carry documented proof of legal presence in the country with them.

Civil rights advocates have assailed the law, saying it will lead to racial profiling against Hispanics, regardless of citizenship.

"Arizona's new law may purport to target illegal immigration, but the reality for millions of Americans is far more chilling," Herrera and Campos wrote. "The law, in fact, targets all Latinos and others who may appear 'foreign.'"

"It is a profoundly unjust and dangerous law that threatens the rights of millions of Americans -- including large numbers of Major League Baseball players and their fans -- to be secure in their person, and to lawfully enjoy their civil liberties," they wrote.

On Monday, Herrera and Campos called for a citywide boycott of the state of Arizona and businesses based there.

Mayor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday ordered a moratorium on city employee travel to the state for official business, with exceptions for law enforcement, public health or safety.

A spokesman for Major League Baseball was not immediately available for comment.

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