Stop gossiping and lose weight?

5 ways to overcome your need to gossip:
By Freeman Michaels

  1. Practice good gossip. Recognize and acknowledge the positive traits in others.

  2. Unplug from negativity. Besides gossiping, what other areas of your life (people, situations) promote negative thinking? Unplug from those negative influences.

  3. Identify what really feeds you. Plug into sources of inspiration and positive support. Notice how these things calm you and almost miraculously take the place of comfort food, nervous snacking, or overeating.

  4. Power your goal with an intention. Use intention to consciously project positive energy that directs your life toward fulfillment. A strong intention, written down and referred to often, is like a GPS that guides you on the path toward health and happiness.

  5. Practice "carefronting." Instead of confronting, learn to hold yourself and others accountable by focusing on the type of experience you want to have. The opportunity is to explore whether your behavior is really in alignment with what you truly want.
Why it's difficult to shed pounds when you're in a negative, judgmental state of mind:

Lots of research shows that when people are fearful, angry, frustrated, or depressed (negative states of mind), their immune system is significantly weaker than when they are positive, hopeful, and happy. In other words, positive states of mind promote healing; negative states of mind hinder healing.

The same is true for getting over being overweight and unhealthy. To heal your body, you need to change your mental patterns and attitudes. So much about releasing weight is about releasing self-judgment (I'm fat, I'm ugly, I have no will power, I'll never be able to do it).

Once you really believe you can do it and that you're worth it (using the many quick and simple tips and techniques Freeman Michaels has developed), you feel motivated and you're driven by success, rather than held back by a perceived future failure.

How to adopt thought patterns that help you release excess weight:

Instead of focusing on weight loss--which sends a negative message to your brain about loss, deprivation, giving up things you love, and going without--you learn to focus on releasing negative associations and acquiring positive ones.

For example, you learn how to feel in control, productive, focused, safe, successful, creative, supported and connected. These would be examples of positive thought patterns he shows people how to develop and reinforce until they become as habitual as negative ones.

Miraculously, says Michaels, your need to eat too much and eat unhealthily disappear when your soul and spirit are well

About Freeman Michaels:

Freeman Michaels is a personal development coach, a sought after seminar leader and speaker, and the author of "Weight Release: A Liberating Journey."

Michaels is well known as the actor who played Drake Belson on The Young and the Restless in the mid 1990s, when he was 175 pounds, smoked cigarettes and was living an unhealthy Hollywood lifestyle-obsessed with staying ultra-thin for the camera. After making the decision to retire from acting in 2000, Michaels became a real estate developer.

For the next seven years, he managed a stressful multimillion dollar business, watched his weight balloon to 275 pounds, and finally landed in the hospital with chest pains brought on by stress. His business collapsed.

That's when Michaels changed his path. A life-long student of personal-growth principles, Michaels decided to pursue a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica-and set out to learn everything he could about human potential and happiness. Over the next few years, all the lessons from his past, work he had done, and knowledge he had acquired fell into place.

This led him to develop a personal fulfillment program, called Service to Self™, which helped him lose more than 70 pounds, and became the foundation for his book and coaching practice. This is the only book or program on the market today that uses principles of Spiritual Psychology to address weight.

Michaels strongly believes that his process is the best program available for achieving lasting weight release. Today he leads workshops and webinars for people who struggle with weight.

In his Life Coaching practice, he also uses the Service to Self™ principles and process to help clients who are seeking help with challenges related to career, leadership, parenting, and relationships. Michaels lives and works in Southern California.

When "checking in" replaces "checking out" and a few deep breaths replace a bag of Cheetos, weight gets released-not merely lost. By letting go of judgment and making self-honoring choices, it is natural and effortless to release weight.

According to Freeman Michaels, a former soap opera star who shed more than 70 pounds and now trains others in his successful approach, gossip is "negative self-perception projected onto others." When we gossip, we are judging--ourselves and others--and judgment is at the core of all weight-related issues.

Have you have noticed that serene, confident, positive people rarely gossip? Michaels says that's also the state of mind you want to be in to conquer your negative thought patterns and behaviors around food.

Serene, confident, positive people rarely gossip. If you get into a self-loving, self-compassionate frame of mind, you are less likely to feel negative about yourself and others.

Gossip, on the other hand, is a side-effect of insecurity and low self-esteem--a negative state that can lead to unhealthy choices and habits. Michaels says that's also the state of mind you want to be in to conquer your negative thought patterns and behaviors around food. Being in a self-judgmental frame of mind, on the other hand, can lead to unhealthy choices and habits.

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