Body found in Fairfield, press conference held


The body was found north of Napa County in a very rural area along Highway 121.

The body was found at about 9:15 a.m. Friday. Someone called police and said they had seen the body.

Police say it was found about 30 or 40 yards away from the road in an area they say you would not go hiking.

"At approximately 9:15 this morning, a woman walking her dog in a remote area of Napa County found a body, similar in description to our previously reported missing person. The Solano County coroner has taken custody of the remains and will conduct an autopsy in an attempt to identify the victim. The Fairfield and Suisun police departments have been continually investigating the disappearance of Miss Le since she was reported missing. We will continue to do so until a positive identification has been made. If foul play is determined the cause of death, our agencies will continue to investigate this in an effort to apprehend the guilty party or parties. The family has been notified of this discovery," said Fairfield Police Lt. Darrin Moody.

"The police found a body or something and I just came out here to see, but they have not told us anything yet, so I don't know anything right now," said one of Phuong Le's brothers.

ABC7 met that brother out at the scene and he asked us if we knew anything.

Le disappeared April 25. Her car was found in the parking lot of a Fairfield Barnes and Noble bookstore. Police found her wallet, her cell phone, her backpack in the car.

Police have searched the home of her former employer and say they are going over evidence that they took from that home.

Police said on Friday night, they do not have any suspects or persons of interest.

Le's brother told ABC7 he was just hoping the body found does not belong to his sister.

ABC7 also spoke to a family friend who went with the family to the search scene in Napa Friday night.

"We actually went to the site this evening with family, they wouldn't tell us anything. There's no one else in the area that's missing and that's female, so it makes us think that it might be Phuong," said Lisa.

Police say it could take a week or longer to figure out the identity of the body.

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