Missing Suisun City woman's family awaits ID of body


A 25-year-old Suisun city woman vanished two weeks ago and on Saturday, family members of Phuong Le are afraid it is her. Fairfield police said they will not make any more public statements until they have identified the body, something that could take days.

Waiting is not easy for Le's' family. "I don't want to think too negatively, but most likely, it's my sister," Le's brother Huong told ABC7.

Huong Le is already a man of few words and since his younger sister disappeared, he has had even less to say. The yellow ribbons that hang in the neighborhood Saturday spoke for the family and their hopes that Phuong will return.

But, on Friday, a woman's body was found in rural Napa County.

"A body of similar physical description of Ms. Le was found today and we have an ongoing criminal investigation," Fairfield Police Chief Larry Todd said Friday.

"There's no one else in the area that's missing that's female," said a friend of Phuong Le. "So, makes us think it may be Phuong."

Phuong's family has even more reason to believe it is her.

"Police told him they found the body and she was wearing a jade bracelet and a watch, which matches my sister's, " Huong said. "She wears it all the time. She never took that off."

The 25-year-old was last seen at a Barnes and Noble in Fairfield, two weeks ago. But, the last 'person' she spoke with, according to Phuong's cell phone records, was Tuck Nguyen.

"I'm not going to make no comment anything," he said Friday.

Nguyen is Phuong's former boss at Postal Express. Police searched Nguyen's Fairfield home and business. He insists that he did not have a romantic relationship with Phuong, but her family is not so sure. They had planned to search for Phuong in the Rancho Solano area Saturday, which is where Nguyen lives.

On Friday, neighborhood security handed over surveillance video to police. Nguyen says he never left his house the day Phuong disappeared. Investigators will check the tapes to verify his story.

Police are not calling Nguyen a suspect. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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