When wives make more money

When she makes more than he:

  • Men over 50 have a much harder time when their wives make more money than they do.

  • In most homes, men worry more than women do about the fact that she earns more than he does.

  • In 22 percent of the homes of couples in the 34-40 year age group, women earn more than men.

  • While a majority of women said that they'd marry for money as late as the mid-60's, the vast majority of today's women say that they wouldn't marry just for money. Today women are much more likely to look for a guy who is in touch with his feelings, communicative, and willing to share parenting and housework.

  • When men lose their jobs or if their income decreases, they are much more at risk for depression, anxiety, drug/alcohol abuse and to have a big decrease in their ability to parent.
Tips featured in the segment:
  • If there has been a loss of job or a decrease in income, try to be sensitive to how humiliating a job loss can be.
  • Most men still get the majority of their self-esteem from their jobs. Therefore, they may have a harder time feeling good about themselves if they can't provide as much income.

  • Men need to be sensitive to how his earning less may impact her feelings of security or well-being.

  • Many men don't feel like they have a lot to offer if they can't provide much income.

  • If you're a woman, try to communicate your requests that he either picks up the slack or works harder to find a job in a sensitive way. If you're a man, try to show your appreciation for what she's providing and to pick up the slack at home.

  • Brainstorm with each other ways that he can provide value to the couple or family.
About Dr. Joshua Coleman:

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